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Fimo Nail Art Canes

Nail Art Canes or Fimo canes are made from polymer clay that has been shaped into brightly coloured canes which can then be cut into slices and used as nail art accessories.

At Effect Beauty we offer pre-cut slices as well as the full nail art canes. Some nail technicians prefer to cut their own canes, choosing their own thickness. However, if you’re new to fimo canes it can be time consumer and challenging. Therefore we also offer pre-sliced fimo slices for quicker and easier application. If you would like to learn how to cut fimo canes, watch our tutorial video here.

Fimo canes are easy to apply, with small tweezers pick up the slice and apply while the nail polish is set, but not dry, once in place seal with a top coat. You can also apply nail glue on the place where you want to put the fimo. Finally, apply a layer of top coat to seal in place. Fimo canes can also be used with acrylic and gel systems.

At Effect Beauty, we have a full range of nail art canes which we have carefully created bundles of fruit, flowers, butterflies, sweets, animals as well as a mixture of everything in case you can’t decide.