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Nail Art Brushes

Nail Art Tools

Having the right tool for the job is essential when you are creating nail art designs. At Effect Beauty we have a full range of nail art brushes ideal for what ever design you want to create.

Dotting Nail Tool:

This metal headed brush has a very small tip which helps in created small dotted effects on the nails. Also called the “marble”, this brush can help swirl multiple colours onto the nails, creasing a spiral or marble effect.

Round Nail Brush:

This is the most versatile nail art brush, useful for creating intricate designs and different stroke patterns.

Striper/liner Nail brush:

Striper brushes have long, thin bristles that can be bought in various lengths. This nail brush helps in creating stripes (long lines), with a steady hand you can make animal patterns such as zebra or tiger prints.  

Angled Nail Brush:

This brush comes with angled sides, making them the ideal tool to create intricate details. In one stroke you can create large flower designs, as well as shading larger areas. It is very easy to double load the brush with the two colours to create a multicoloured design.

Fan Nail Brush:

A fan brush has many functions; it is perfect for striping and layering multiple colours onto the nail. It also helps in shading, creating swirls and also helps in sprinkling glitter or brushing off excess flocking powder.

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