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  • The Latest Craze in Nail Stickers

    Posted on February 25, 2015 by Admin

    Over the last few years, nail art has become increasingly popular as many people seek to express their personality through the clothes and make-up they wear. Nail art stickers are a great way of doing this because they are available in a variety of designs ranging from polka to animal print. What’s more, this trend is set to stay as nail stickers can be applied to both gel and acrylic nail and provide for a much durable form of nail art.

    Here is an overview of some of the latest crazes.

    Cartoon Characters and more grown-up options
    Cartoon character nail stickers are particularly popular at children’s manicure parties. They allow children to have their favourite cartoon character at their finger tips or on at their toes. Amongst the most popular are: Hello Kitty, Angry Birds and Peppa Pig.

    There also is a more grown-up option as it is possible for grown-ups to sport nail stickers with a picture of their favourite actor on them.

    Lace nail stickers are extremely versatile because they can be combined with another pattern in order to create a unique style. These are available in a wide range of colours from black and white to gold and silver. We would recommend using the colour that best matches the varnish you have applied when getting your nails fitted in order for the stickers to stand out.

    Animal Print
    Animal print is very much in fashion these days, with zebra stripes and leopard prints dominating anything from cat-walks to living room furniture. Animal print nail art stickers will add that extra trendy edge to your style and are ideal for a night out.

    Water Transfers
    Quick and easy to apply, water transfer nail stickers are the latest craze. What’s more, they are available in a multitude of patterns from flowers to more outlandish Halloween stickers. What's more, they are very easy to take off, making it possible to change styles fairly often so you will never get bored of your nails.

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  • The 4 Best Nail Tools

    Posted on February 28, 2014 by Admin

    4 Best Nail Tools

    We’ve rounded up the best nail tools out there that will not only keep your nails looking fantastic but are also multi functional saving you time, space and money.

    4 Way Nail Buffer


    This tool is your ultimate one stop shop for maintaining your nails, in one handy block. As the name suggests, there are four simple steps to achieving perfect nails: file, buff, smooth and shine. By following these stages your nails will be polished to perfection!

    Cuticle Nippers


    Want to tame your cuticles? Cuticle nippers carefully cuts and tidies your cuticles, leaving you less prone to hangnails. These should carefully glide around your cuticles, cutting cleanly, however be very careful not to over nip.

    Orange Sticks


    Orange Sticks or cuticle sticks are the ultimate nail tool multi tasker! For nail art, they can be used as a dotting tool to create nail art designs, application of glitter, 3d nail art decorations, nail art water marbling or rhinestones and even as a no frills nail tip display. For nail maintenance these are ideal for cleaning under the nails, buffing, pushing back cuticle as well as removing polish from the skin.  Orange sticks truly are a manicurist multipurpose must!

    Glass File


    A glass nail file is well worth the investment, the glass is permanently etched meaning it will never wear down. It also gives a smoother finish than other emery board and reduces splitting, chipping and peeling.  They can also be cleaned with soap and water, making it extremely hygienic. However be careful, these are made out of glass so will break if dropped!

    Browse through our range of nail tools

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  • How to prepare your nail business for Christmas

    Posted on November 21, 2013 by james

    Christmas business at your nail salon - how to maximise your income

    Christmas should be your most lucrative time of the year, whether you are a nail salon owner or a mobile nail technician. We have created our own 3P’s you should be doing between now and the festive period to ensure you and your salon are ready for the Christmas trade.


    Use the weeks running up to December to ensure you have everything you need, stock up on all your essentials. It’s always worth doubling up on the basics like acetone, base coats, top coat, nail glue, lint free pads etc. You don’t want to waste time and potentially have to turn away customers waiting for your stock to arrive. Most nail supplies won’t go off, so don’t worry if you have items left over.

    Spring clean your nail salon, make sure you create a professional environment where clients will be willing to come to escape the Christmas panic. Think about sprucing up your waiting area, it could be that clients have to wait a few minutes longer, if they have a comfortable place to wait they won’t mind and get aggravated.

    If you’re a mobile nail technician, make sure your car is ready for the travelling, especially as we move to colder days and nights. This one of your most important assets, if you can’t get to your client, you risk your reputation and future income.


    Get leaflets printed, put up promotions in your salon, utilise your Facebook page – you want to make regular clients and new clients aware that you have some fantastic offers available at Christmas

    I believe that Christmas offers should aim to attract clients to package deals, rather than discounts off just one treatment. Why? Customers are willing to spend more at Christmas, especially if you can offer them something special. This could be deals on hands and feet – ideal for the party season. As well as promoting those lucrative nail art extras such as 3d nail decorations, glitter and rhinestones – these are perfect for adding that extra sparkle clients will want for Christmas.

    With every client, I would also include a money off voucher for January to encourage increased business in what is usually a quiet month and when everyone is recovering from excessive spending in December. Don’t forget, that all the bills for December will be due in January so it is important you have the security of knowing you have clients coming in the New Year.

    Utilise colour pops and nail varnish displays, creating nail designs that showcase your nail art decorations to entice clients to spend that little bit extra on that special addition. I would also make sure you are showcasing your designs on your own fingers now, get your regular clients excited about their Christmas nails now so that they pre-book.


    For last minute presents offer Gift Vouchers, make them appealing and advertise them in your salon. Think about how you could present the vouchers, create ready to give presents by using gift bags, boxes, bows etc. You can easily turn what could be a simple piece of paper, into a luxurious, special gift.

    Think about retailing gift and box sets, make sure these are promoted on your Facebook page and are at the perfect eye level height in your salon.

    Do you have any more suggestions? Please add your comments below and good luck for the festive season!

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